How to Know a Man/Woman Loves You

It should be a joy to see someone in your life who loves you, and it's not just the romantic sort of love that you can't turn off. The best people are like family members who pick up on your moods, offer support when you need it, keep an eye out for other people in your life, and remind you of all the things that make life worth living. But sometimes it doesn't seem like anyone is noticing how great everything is with them in the picture; until then, here are some signs to look for to know for sure that someone loves you. 

If they show up when they say they will. That's a great start, and you can be sure they'll be there if you need anything. 

If they're more interested in hanging out with you than they are with their friends. They may not make it totally clear, but someone who enjoys spending time with you knows how important it is to them, and doesn't mind making the choice. 

If they do things to make sure your needs are taken care of. This means offering extra help with chores or requests that don't seem like their responsibility, but making certain that your needs are met.

     When they do something that you wouldn't expect. It can be hard not to put too much stock in the way people act all the time, but if a person does something out of character for them that's to your benefit, there may be love at play. 

If it seems like they're more concerned about making you feel better than making themselves look good. Sometimes those who care about you most can make bad choices for your own good (or what they believe is your own good). They just want to make sure that you know that you're loved, even when you make mistakes. 

If they give you a lot of freedom. Sometimes, the best way to show how much you care about someone is to leave them to their own devices, and let them follow their dreams.

 If they don't want anything from you. It's hard to do this if someone has children, but sometimes people who love you are more concerned with developing a relationship than getting what they can out of it. 

If they accept your flaws. They won't be able to change who you are any more than you can change who they are, but when someone loves you for your whole self, you know it. If they make sacrifices for you. Sometimes these sacrifices are big, like taking on a new job or rearranging their budget so that they can give you something special. Other times they're small, like keeping an extra change of clothes in the drawer for you. If they know how to make you smile.

 If a person makes you laugh more than they make you cry, there may be something to this love thing after all. 

If they can hold an interesting conversation. If someone talks to you about things that interest them and keeps it interesting, not only will you enjoy being around them, but you'll learn things from them as well. 

If they're willing to listen without judgment or advice about your life choices. They shouldn't be taking advantage of who you are or what you want, but helping to make the choices that best fit you . . . whether you take their advice or not.

If they know what you like. Sometimes you don't have to tell someone that you like something for them to know it, and it's a good indication that they pay attention to what makes you happy.

If they're capable of being hurt when it comes to your feelings. When someone cares about us, they can put your needs ahead of their own without forgetting about how important it is for them to have the same consideration.

If they care about your goals and dreams more than they care about money or time. If a person cares about you and your goals and dreams, they'll want you to live your life to the fullest, whether that means taking risks or doing something their own way in order to support you.

If they'll be there for you when you do something stupid. There will be times when you're too excited or too scared to think straight, but someone who loves you will be there for you even when you might have forgotten everything you know.

If they can teach you things you don't know yet. People who love you are always trying to get more out of life than they already have--even telling you things that you don't know yet so that you can grow (sometimes slightly).

If they can make eye contact with you. Just as important, if someone doesn't have this ability, it's probably not a good sign.

If they know how to inspire you to be better than you are. You all want to be the best you can be, and if someone can help you reach your potential, that's an important element of love.

If they're always there when you need them--and sometimes when you don't even know you need them. They do their best to keep life in balance for everyone around them, including people who aren't used to looking out for themselves (like kids and elderly people)

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