Reasons You Should Get a Skills Before Going to College

  Since the founding of America, many young men and women have been entering colleges each year to pursue vocation courses. College is seen as a peak time in which students can learn new skills and potentially develop their future careers. By enrolling in a college there are many different resources available to help you master your career before you enter the workforce.

This article will discuss 5 reasons why all young people should be doing this before going on to college and what you can expect from attending a career course at
the university.

1. More of your time in college can be spent on acquiring skills, rather than studying theory. "The most valuable thing a student can do during their first year of college is to connect with someone from the local community and learn about their business, start-up company, or non-profit organization," says Scott Edward Walker.

2. You can choose what to study and have more control over your future career direction. "Whether you are taking up a skills course or a university degree, you are going to be spending the vast majority of your time learning about your future career," says Theresa Nash.

3. You will learn the skills you need to succeed in the workforce. "The key to strengthening your career is to jump straight into learning real skills so that when you graduate, you can start making money from day one," says Paul Evans.

4. It will give you a head start, as most students are only introduced to business/career course information after their first year of university studies. "The majority of students don't even know what options are available to them and what is required for a career in business," says Theresa Nash.

5. It is a great way of developing your own business. "Anyone who has gone through a skills course is more likely to consider starting their own business, as it will support them in taking on personal responsibilities within their employer," says Paul Evans.

"College is expensive and there are a lot of other ways to invest in yourself, instead of taking out loans." One way you can invest in yourself is to start developing a skill now that will turn into a skill if you choose a college. Not all skills require college, so one way to save money would be to get your skill now. Here are some reasons why getting skills before college makes sense:- skills tend to pay more than debt -skills can improve your job prospects -many people don't go on full time after finishing their education -skills give meaning and purpose

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