How To Have A Happy Relationship

    In this blog post, we will speak about how to avoid constant fights with your number one. We'll also discuss how to be more vulnerable and engage more in your relationship by creating a happy relationship. This article is focused on the importance of the relational aspect of our lives; so much so, that it felt fitting to title it "Happy Relationship". As humans, we are meant for relationships. Whether they are familial or platonic; these relationships provide us with an opportunity for both intimacy and support.

   Partnerships aren't just a little thing, they're significant to everything we do. As such, it makes sense that most would want a happy relationship. Some may even go as far as to say this is the most important thing in life. It's not uncommon for people to make the declaration that "a happy relationship is the most important part of one's life". This is in comparison to sad relationships, where things are out of balance; not so much that they cause sadness, but more akin to a physical ache. We must first understand what constitutes a happy relationship. I start with an analogy:

   Imagine playing a game of street basketball with your friends. It's messy, competitive, and oftentimes tiring. A lot happens in just five minutes on the court, so if you're going to play this game you need to be prepared for everything. For example: "the other team could have three players and we could have one; the difference may be one or two points, but these kinds of differences can add up over time". In this case, it's important to be prepared for this; however the game is too competitive to allow breaks, so everyone goes at it hard.

   In the same way, relationships can be competitive, especially if there is a lot of hurt between one or both parties. We don't have time to take breaks, however; we simply must keep going or we won't make it to the end. When we're competitive and in a hurry, things get messy. Arguments happen and can even escalate into something more serious. It's important to understand that being competitive isn't inherently bad, but what determines whether it's healthy or not is whether we can maintain balance in our relationship (at least most of the time).

    "How to Have a Happy Relationship" is a blog about having healthy and happy relationships and how to be happy with that. In order to make sure you're in good company, you should start by taking these crucial points into consideration:

-Identify what the real issue is. Whether it's your partner not listening or them not ticking all the boxes on your list, know what triggered feelings of discontent.

-What are the things you miss about being single? If this is more than just a fleeting thought, it might be time for some serious reflection.

-Not all problems in a relationship will be solved by counseling. Particularly around the communication part of it all, some people just need to find a way to talk and get the issues out there. If your partner doesn't seem willing or able to do this, start thinking about whether they're the right person for you.

-Communicating is still the key to successful relationships. If you're not prepared to do it in a way that your partner can understand, consider finding someone who is.

   Evaluating a relationship before diving into it can save you a lot of trouble later on. Whether your partner is happy with you, what all their likes and dislikes are and what their perspective on most things are, these all make up the foundation of a relationship and if they aren't on track then it's just not worth getting involved with them at all. If you have a close friend or family member who you trust then a good way to approach this is to seek their advice. They may be able to help you understand where they are coming from and if they're worth pursuing. If they're not being very receptive, don't be afraid to shelve that relationship until they are.

  When it comes down to it all, communication is the key to every great relationship. So if you need to work on this in your own relationship, or even work on yourself as a person, it's something you should really do for your own sake and the sake of those around you who care about how your life is going.

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