How to Become a Good Writer

  There are many different ways to become a good writer. Keep your thoughts organized, write in paragraphs, and use powerful verbs. Here are some tips that will help you become a better writer faster.

1. Write in paragraphs

Some people think writing should be done in one long paragraph without breaks, but it is not the case. Writing should be started with a topic sentence and then written as if each paragraph is its own paragraph followed by new thoughts-in-new-paragraphs. This format helps you focus on what you need to say and remember your thoughts more clearly this way!

2. Use Powerful Verbs

Weak verbs make writing seem very boring and lackluster, but powerful verbs can make your writing stand out. If you want to make sure your writing comes across powerfully, use powerful, specific verbs to get your point across.

3. Keep Your Thoughts Organized

Make sure when you write that it is in a logical order from start to finish! This way you keep the reader interested and do not confuse them with the order of events in your essays or stories.

4. Edit and Edit

It is important to edit your work carefully whenever you write. This way you can notice any mistakes or flaws in grammar or spelling as well as make sure you have a clear, structured format for your work.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

It is very important to practice writing and memorizing the things you have studied over time. If you want to be great at something like this, don't give up! Many books say that it takes 20,000 hours of practice [or more] before someone actually sees success in their life [or more]. The trick is to know how much time it takes to reach that level and make sure you have the hours you need.

More Writing Tips:

1. Give Attention to Detail

As a writer, you need to pay attention to detail in every piece of work. Having detail will make your writing look more professional and make your writing stand out from the rest.

2. Make Sure You Are Using precise words

It is important to always include precise words when writing! This is often confused with choosing a word just because it sounds good, but not necessarily being specific when talking about something or someone in particular.

3. Read and Re-read

Before you are ready to fully publish your piece, read it again and again before posting, to make sure you know every word. Remember that one line can be written so differently depending on who is reading it! Also, try to re-write as if another person [such as a first grader] were reading the story and ask questions about how things could be written better.

4. Edit Your Work with Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent little app that will help you edit the errors in your work. It will also give suggestions for improvement for the way you wrote certain phrases or sentences! Go download Grammarly right now!!

5. Use a timer

As a student, it is important to set a timer for the amount of time you have to write. This way you know when to stop writing so you will not lose track of time and be late for an appointment or need to stop writing to be somewhere else.

6. Know the Rules and Definitions of Grammar and Punctuation

If you do not know what certain words mean like conjunctions, verbs, adjectives, etc. you will not be able to use them properly in your writing. Also, knowing the rules and definitions behind grammar like the different parts of speech, punctuation marks and the way they work together, etc.

Be able to speak, explain and write about these things!

7. Proofread your work with Grammarly!

When you are finished writing a piece, you need to proofread it to check for errors such as misspellings, incorrect use of prepositions or plurals, and any other mistakes that can easily be caught.

8. Plan What You Are Going to Write

It is very important to plan your essay or paper first before you start writing so you have an idea of what you are going to talk about and be able to write it down clearly. This way, you know what you need to include and how much time it will take for the piece!

9. Make Sure You Have Material to Work With

When writing, make sure that you have material if possible...This way, it will flow more smoothly when writing and the words will come out fast and easy. 

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