How to Stop the Difficulties We Face While Speaking


   We all want to be able to speak as easily as we breathe. Unfortunately, speaking is difficult problem humans have faced for decades. Stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia are only three of the many difficulties people with speech impediments face every day when they speak publicly or in front of their friends and family. This article isn’t going to solve the issue of why there is so much stigma regarding these types of issues. But it will help you overcome them so you can speak freely in any situation, no matter how difficult it might be for others to hear what you have to say about a topic that matters most deeply to you.

Getting a fluency boost

If you struggle with any type of speech impediment, this article will prove helpful in aiding you to learn how to speak easily again. Avoid stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia by understanding the causes and identifying the ways in which you can overcome them. Whether you are trained to speak fluently or not, there are methods that you can use to help improve your speaking abilities. Speech is produced by the vocal cords on your tongue and jaw. At first, it is only saliva that is released from these parts of your mouth but as the words enter your mouth they are altered into articulate speech by your lungs and voice box. When an impediment happens, the vocal cords in your throat may not be able to open and close correctly. The result is that your voice sounds abnormal or you struggle to get words out as well as you should.

Know what causes the issue

Knowing how stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia occur will help you understand what triggers them. Understand that when a person stutters, he or she has irregular sounds interrupting their speech. For example, “Can I get…one of those…uhh…checks from the hmm…cashier please?” It almost sounds like they are choking on their words instead of speaking clearly. Stammering is similar in regards to how the person speaks, but it is not as harshly defined. If a person stammers, his or her words will flow together and there will be a pause or a change in volume between words. Glossophobia literally means fear of speaking. Unfortunately, fear is what keeps people from speaking as effectively as they might desire. Avoiding public speaking when you are afraid of what others might think will result in people believing that you have something to hide. Instead of avoiding an audience, practice your speech over and over again until it becomes easy to share what you’re trying to say.

Practice your speech

The ability to speak is a necessary part of the human experience. It is essential to our existence and the only way that we can learn anything or prove what we know about something. It is possible that you can learn how to speak more effectively. You might want to first start by creating an outline for what you will say in your presentation. There are many websites that can help with this project and they offer tips on how you can make your speech interesting as well as effective. For example, a great way to avoid stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia is to practice speaking while counting backward.

   Another method for avoiding stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia is to work in pairs. The pair can be someone who is fluent or you can use a tape recorder with yourself speaking your words. You can also take a video that shows the entire speech from start to finish. In this way, you will see whether or not you are able to speak fluently. If neither of these methods is ideal for you, consider looking for a therapist who specializes in speech disorders or a professional coach who will help you overcome stuttering, stammering, and glossophobia through the use of individualized coaching programs. You can also read articles online that offer information on how to overcome these issues.

Get your point across

  Despite what the analysts of speech may believe, the way you speak doesn’t limit your ability to make a good impression on others. Instead, it shows them that you are comfortable with yourself and that you are willing to show others how you feel about a topic. The ability to speak freely is something that is important in any social setting whether it be meeting new people or talking with your friends and family at home. The next time you prepare to share what matters most to you, take these tricks with you so that when the time comes for you to speak your message will be received by everyone who was kind enough to listen.

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