Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

There’s no way to tell for sure if your girlfriend is cheating. However, there are signs that may indicate she is up to something. Whether you think she might be cheating or not, it’s always good to pay attention and stay on top of things.  If you're like most men, you're probably looking for a way to get rid of your cheating girlfriend, and the best way to know if she's cheating is to look at these 5 signs.

1. Communication Problems

The first sign that your girlfriend may be cheating is when she refuses to talk with you and breaks off the conversation when she feels like it. This could be because there's something on her mind or she just doesn't want to talk about anything with you at all. This could also happen when something important has happened like an argument. If your girlfriend is cheating, she may be too ashamed to tell you about it or she's scared that you'll get jealous so she just expects you to figure it out for yourself.

2. She Goes Out A Lot

The second sign of a cheating girlfriend is when she goes out with her friends a lot and even brags about how much fun everyone's having with each other. This could mean that your girlfriend is tired of being at home and simply wants to catch up with her friends without any interruptions from you. The worst thing about this situation is that she may be going out with her friends to gossip about you and how much she hates you.

3. You Change Personality

If your girlfriend's been a really nice person towards you lately and it seems like you've been arguing more than usual, then there could be something wrong. It's possible that your girlfriend is having an affair because she feels like no one loves her as much as you do and this is her way of getting revenge. Your girlfriend may even change the way she dresses just so that she can get attention from other men too.

4. There's Always Someone Calling At Unreasonable Hours

The fourth sign of your girlfriend cheating on you is when the phone rings at 5 in the morning and you end up talking to a person who never really introduces themselves properly. This could mean that she's simply talking to her friends but it could also mean that she has a boyfriend who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. If this happens too often, you might end up asking your girlfriend about it but she'll probably just lie anyway because she doesn't want you to get in the way of her having fun. If this happens, you might need professional help especially when your girlfriend becomes violent with other men or women.

5. Your Girlfriend Hangs Out With The "Wrong" Crowd

The most obvious sign of your girlfriend cheating is when she hangs out with the wrong crowd and you've always known that these people are troublemakers. You may also notice that your girlfriend has been hanging out with these same people for a long time and although you never liked them, you trusted her enough to let her hang out with them. This could mean that something is going on between the two of them but if something goes wrong, it'll be your fault because you knew what kind of people they were.

Here are some of the most common signs that can help you figure out if your girlfriend is cheating:

* She has "accidental" break-ups with you that seem to be planned in advance (like him calling her to set up a lunch date, or them finding "serendipitous encounters" at the mall).

* She has unexplained "accidents" (like tripping or dropping something).

* She gets overly friendly with good-looking people of the opposite sex.

* She borrowed money that she doesn't return or pay back on time (e.g., emergency money for car repairs, becoming a partner in a business venture, etc.).

* She gets excessively drunk at events that you attend together.

* Her 'lunch dates' or 'business meetings' at work seem to last unusually long (half the day). This could be because she's sleeping with her boss and has been given permission to take all the time off as needed for their "relationship".

* She's suddenly getting a lot more gifts than before.

* She has a sudden increase in money. This could be from an affair that is paying her well, or it could be from stealing from you (e.g., cash, valuables, etc.).

* She lies about something minor and then later admits to lying about it (this may happen in the context of the unidentified lover). For example: "What are you doing?" "I'm just going shopping." Later on: "Oh yeah, I lied, I'm going over to John's house." A common sign among cheaters.

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